Driving alternatives
The bus, the underground, a taxi, the tram, the train, sharing the car or walking, in case of short distances, are alternatives to the car which are more and more adapted, accessible and affordable, in addition to being environment-friendly.

After considering all possibilities and assessing the physical and cognitive skills, you may eventually decide to reduce driving, combine it with other transport options or even to quit driving.

In any case, you should take into account all alternatives to driving your own car, to be able to move freely and to choose what adapts best to your personal and geographical situation.


Public transport

Especially in urban surroundings, public transport is the alternative to the car, in addition to walking or riding a bicycle on short distances, if you are fit enough. Urban or interurban buses, the tram or commuter trains are alternatives that have been very well adapted as regards their accessibility, and they are also cheaper and more environment-friendly.

Some cities do also offer individual or collective door-to-door transport services for elderly people or people with reduced mobility. Ask the social services at your home town about this possible alternative.

The taxi is another good alternative for daily trips or short distances. Nowadays there are many taxi companies that have adapted vehicles for elderly people with platforms and space enough to take wheelchairs, if necessary.



Sharing trips, either regularly or on specific occasions, with friends, neighbours or even strangers, may be a valid alternative as well. Carpooling does not only make movements and social relationships easier for people who cannot drive, it is also cheaper -as you share the travel costs- and more environment-friendly.

Nowadays there are several companies that manage shared mobility. It may be an alternative to driving, just like a close relative with a car and availability to take you.


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