Tests carried out by Driver Assessment Centres
The tests and prescriptions of Driver Assessment Centres are the "MOT" for drivers: Listen to them!

Each country has its own standards to assess drivers in a regulated and regular way, and to renew their driving license.

In Spain, the General Traffic Authority (Dirección General de Tráfico – DGT) does the check-ups through the teams of the Driver Assessment Centres, which are made-up of a psychologist, a general practitioner and an ophthalmologist. These checks have to be undergone every 10 years until the age of 65. From 65 years onwards, the checks must be done every 5 years.

The psychophysical and perceptive tests that are made can have the following results:

The restrictions or limitations to drive are mainly due to problems with the eyesight, perceptive/motor skills, reduction of the hearing ability or with metabolic or endocrine diseases as well as problems with the cardiovascular system.

Currently, most of the drivers aged 65 years or older, are declared fit or fit with restrictions or limitations.

These restrictions or limitations may vary according to the type of problem detected:

The restrictions and the request for additional medical tests are necessary for the experts of the Assessment Centres to be able to declare a very high percentage of over-65-year old drivers fit to drive or fit with restrictions.


With age, people get more experienced and become more careful, so that we start including changes and certain precautions into the way we drive in a natural and responsible way in order to improve our comfort and safety. However,

  • It is very important to strictly respect, given the case, all limitations or restrictions that have been established. They are aimed at increasing your safety and that of the people around you.
  • Always request that the three compulsory specialists get involved in your check-up (ophthalmologist, psychologist and general practitioner), and that the tests are made with the highest rigour and professionalism.
  • The psychophysical check at the Driver Assessment Centre is the driver’s “MOT”: Do the checks!
  • If the specialists at the Driver Assessment Centre have requested for additional tests, go to see the general practitioner and/or specialist.
  • In between checks you can assess and train your driving skills with self-assessment tools like the ones you will find in this website.

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